Lakli cattery



on 6-7 August we've participated in Gatchina Cup, organized by OLK "Eilur". Our results - Artyukhin de Lakli, both days - Ex1,NOM BIS, on the second day - X WCF-ring kitten&junior. Katrin's Katharina, both days - Ex1, on the second day NOM BIS, IV WCF-ring kitten&junior, Best kitten&Best of breed. We're glad' and proud for our little ones.


Yesterday George has participated in Stout Cup.
Our results - Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS. Judges have noticed tha excellent condition, wonderful type, muscular body and great grroming - thanks to th owner!


Today our new baby-girl has arrived - Katrin's Katharina.
We're very glad and will be posting photos here and on Facebook.


Both days of World Show in St.Petersburg - Ex1, NOM BIS, Best Opposite Sex kitten SLH. First day - 2nd place in WCF-ring junior&kitten out of 40 animals! We're very proud of our boy!


Ex1, NOM BIS, VIII WCF-ring junior&kitten - these are the first results of George at the Cat Show! Congratulations, our little star!


We've got kittens'! Malta gave birth to 7 wonderful babys - 5 boys and 2 princesses. See more at the Kittens page


Wonderful results from Zoogen lab!Our George - is a cinnamon carrier!
This color was our dream, so we'll be planning our breeding programme for cinnamon babys.


Just recieved a registration letter from WCF!

Питомец - Топ 1000