Lakli cattery

Gertrudis Egoriy from Lakli

BLH b, born 05.12.2010
carries cinnamon
owner - Latyshevskiy S.
breeder - Kapustina T.


Our charming boy is of rather new breed - british longhair. He stole our hearts from the first sight. His parents gave him absolutely wonderful muscular body, pretty face, good coat quality and color.
When George was 5 months old his weight was 4,2 kg. We hope our boy'll grow and become even better.

16.04.11 D. Smirnova Ex1, nom BIS
16.04.11 M Savrasova VIII WCF-ring junior&kitten
14.05.11 T. Komarova Ex1, NOM BIS
14.05.11 A. Moebius II WCF-ring junior&kitten
14.05.11 Best Opposite Sex SLH kitten
15.05.11 T.Terjoshina Ex1, NOM BIS
15.05.11 Best Opposite Sex SLH kitten

Artyukhin de Lakli

BLH d, born 30.03.2011
owner - Klimicheva S.
breeder - Klimicheva S.

This is another baby-bear that has stolen our hearts. Maybe this boy will be our stud in the future.

06.08.11 A.Mineev Ex1, NOM BIS
07.08.11 T.Djachuk Ex1, NOM BIS
07.08.11 D.Smirnova X WCF-ring junior&kitten

Питомец - Топ 1000