Lakli cattery

Katrin's Katharina

BRI f, born 26.02.2011
carries cinnamon, classic tabby
owner - Klimicheva S.
breeder - Kurchevskaya E.


We've been searching for both cinnamon and long hair carriers for a long time. And we were lucky to find her quite near. She came from famous Moscow cattery Katrin. She's absolutely charming and very communicative. The girl has wonderful profile and ears, very short coat and amazing deep orange eyes already!
We're very glad to have such a beauty at our cattery and would like to say many thanks to Ekaterina Kurchevskaya for our baby-girl!

06.08.11 A.Mineev EX1
07.08.11 T.Djachuk EX1, NOM BIS
07.08.11 D.Smirnova IV WCF ring kitten&Junior
07.08.11 D.Smirnova Monobreed BRI show: Best kitten&Best of Breed

СH. Scorpion's Malta

BRI d, born 27.10.2009
owner - Klimicheva S.
breeder - Gubernatorova O.


Our plush lady is a founder of our cattery. Her fascinating orange eyes speaks for themselves. Despite she's not a fan of Cat shows Malta has achieved Champion title and was nominated for Best in Show.
Both Malta's parents came from well-known English catteries - Mewsos and Topmarx, her famous father is W.Ch. Mewsos Prince Charming.
She gave birth to our first litter А, and now enjoys a happy life in our house without worries, not participating in our breeding programme.

20.02.10 A.Mineev EX1, nom BIS
21.02.10 T. Sapozhnikova EX1
01.05.10 I.Okulov EX1
02.05.10 T.Komarova EX1
21.08.10 I.Guseva EX1
25.09.10 N.Pilatova EX1, CAC
11.09.10 A.Mineev EX1, CAC
12.09.10 Y.Lavrentiev EX1, CAC

Питомец - Топ 1000