Lakli cattery


We're glad to see you at our cattery page!

We're breeding british shorthair and longhair cats. If you came here because you adore british cats as we do - you came to the right place.

My name is Svetlana, I'm the owner of Lakli cattery. We have a WCF registration and are members of OLK "Eilur" in St.Petersburg. My " right hand" is my friend Stas, who is the owner of our wonderful Egoriy - chocolate british longhair bear.

At Lakli we are dedicated to breeding healthy and happy cats. We pay a great attention to breeding process. I finished felinology courses and I continue exploring cats and their magical world with a big pleasure. All the cats in our cattery from their birth enjoy the love and undivided attention from each member of our family.

Hope you'll find you best kitten here!

We are glad to answer all your questions.



on 6-7 August we've participated in Gatchina Cup, organized by OLK "Eilur".
Our results - Artyukhin de Lakli, both days - Ex1,NOM BIS, on the second day - X WCF-ring kitten&junior.
Katrin's Katharina, both days - Ex1, on the second day NOM BIS, IV WCF-ring kitten&junior, Best kitten&Best of breed.
We're glad' and proud for our little ones.

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